Alabama Crimson Tide Christmas Ornaments

Alabama Christmas Ornaments

We show our University of Alabama Crimson Tide pride each Christmas season with plenty of Alabama Crimson Tide ornaments on our Christmas tree! How ’bout you?

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Crimson Tide Christmas ornaments come in several styles, designs and sizes. Whether you like hand painted glass ball ornaments, or something a little more unique, there is an Alabama Christmas ornament for you or your favorite Tide fan.

Look below to see some of the different ornaments that are available.

Roll Tide Roll!!

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Alabama Crimson Tide 3-Piece Glass Ball Ornament Set

Give your Christmas tree some Tide pride with this three piece hand painted glass ball ornament set! The Crimson Tide logo is on two sides.

NCAA Alabama Crimson Tide 3-Piece Glass Ornament Set

So, if you’re the biggest Tide fan in the whole world, what would you think your Christmas tree would look like?

You guessed it – Crimson, baby! Alabama ornaments galore! Also, since everyone and their brother knows what a fan I am, I get tons of new ornaments every year as gifts.

Works for me! All I can say is that it’s a good thing my wife is a Bama fan too or else we’d be fighting about how to decorate the tree…lol!

Speaking of Alabama and Christmas, did you see this video where a guy totally surprised his dad on Christmas with tickets to the BCS National Championship? SOOOOO Awesome!

Now THAT is the perfect gift for any real Bama football fan!

As for other ornaments, up above there is an Alabama hat ornament that I really like (and in fact, we have for our tree). We also like the other ones and have listed them here in hopes that maybe some family members might take the hint ๐Ÿ˜‰

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How To Make Your Own Christmas Ornaments

Sure, “commercial” Christmas ornaments are great, but in this house, we really love the special home-made ornaments we get as gifts and that the kids make. Here’s a neat idea showing how to make Christmas ornaments with a button maker. With a little creativity and some college football spirit, you could come up with some really unique ornaments!

The video below shows how to make your own ornaments too.

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Alabama Crimson Tide Plush Snowman Ornament

Everybody loves snowmen! Now get a snowman ornament that is decorated with the Alabama Crimson Tide logo. This snowman ornament also plays part of the Alabama fight song when you squeeze him! Roll Tide!!

NCAA Alabama Crimson Tide Plush Snowman Ornament

Naturally, my wife likes the ornaments that are more “cutesy” (and so do the kids) so she really like this snowman ornament and wanted me to add it here.

What she really likes about it (other than it’s cute-ness) is that when you squeeze it, it plays music.

No, not exactly what us manly-men are looking for, but she likes it and it’s Alabama – so I’m totally cool with it as well!

This ornament is only available during the holiday season tho so keep an eye out for it so you can catch it while you can.

She does ALL her shopping over the holidays at Amazon. Her motto is, “Why GO get it, when it come to you for free!?!?”. I have to agree, but I’m not thinking our UPS guy is a huge fan – he’s like a family member ’round during the Christmas shopping season!

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Alabama Crimson Tide Christmas Cards

Don’t forget some Bama Christmas cards!


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