Alabama Crimson Tide Folding Chairs

Alabama Folding Chairs

bama folding chairHow do you show your University of Alabama Crimson Tide team spirit when you are tailgating? You should be relaxing and sitting in your very own Crimson Tide folding chair. Whether you are tailgating, barbecuing or at a block party represent the Tide by marking your spot with your portable folding Tide chair.

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Don’t ever let yourself show up to your next party and have to sit in an Auburn chair or any other school for that matter!
If you don’t have your Alabama folding chair then just sit on the ground!!
Check out all of the Crimson Tide folding Chairs below. We don’t sit orange and blue.

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Crimson Tide Folding Chair

U of A folding chair

Do you drink double fisted? Well this Alabama folding chair has two cup holders. This chair also has a mesh pocket attached and a stitched University of Alabama logo that will not peel off.

Kijaro Alabama Crimson Tide Folding Chair

No matter what kind of event we’re at – or even just hanging around the pool here at home, our chairs show our Pride and Love for Alabama football! Roll Tide, Baby!

This folding chair and the one below are our favorites. Believe it or not, I like this one best (probably because it has TWO cup holders…haha!) and my wife likes the camo one the best.

Yep, I guess we’re an odd couple (and yes, we’ve been told that a time or two!)

I also like the mesh pocket on this style of chair. Great for holding your cell phone or anything else that one tends to have to hold while sitting for a long time. My buddy (who also has this chair) puts his cigars, the cigar cutter thing, and his bottle opener in it.

Now THAT’S what I call a true sports fan!
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Alabama Crimson Tide RealTree Camo Large Folding Chair

Alabama Crimson Tide Camo Folding Chair

This Roll Tide Camo chair has adjustable arm rest and two drink holders. It also has the University of Alabama Logo on the front, back and carry bag. So when you are out hunting deer, you make sure they know who is about to take them down, a TIDE FAN!

NCAA Alabama Crimson Tide RealTree Camo Folding Chair

This is the camo folding chair with the Alabama log on it that my wife loves – and don’t try and sit in it if she is around! Maybe she thinks she is “hidden” when she sits in it? I dunno….

She is also a bit superstitious and HAS to sit in THIS chair during a BCS Championship game – and so far, it’s working pretty well.
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Crimson Tide Folding Chair

Alabama Crimson Tide Folding Chair

This University of Alabama crimson Tide folding chair has a cup holder and the Alabama logo on the front and back of the chair.

NCAA Alabama Crimson Tide Chair

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Alabama Sling Folding Chair

Crimson Tide Sling Folding Chair

Do you like to lay back and relax while you are sitting in your University of Alabama Crimson Tide folding chair? If you do then this is the Crimson tide folding chair for you because it comes with a detachable pillow on the headrest. It also features two cup holders and the Alabama logo stitched into the chair.

Kijaro Alabama Crimson Tide Sling Folding Chair

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