Alabama Crimson Tide Grill Covers

Protect Your Grill in Roll Tide Style

grillHow do you get your University of Alabama Crimson Tide backyard tailgate party started? The first thing you should do is get one of these Crimson Tide logo’d grill covers on your grill. This will ensure that everyone attending the party has no doubts about the team you will be pulling for on this game day.

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Alabama grill covers not only show your support for the best team in the country but also protect your expensive grill from the outdoor elements. Protect your grill and show your Roll Tide support at the same time – win/win!
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Taking Care of Your Grill So It Lasts

For many of us, a grill is a pretty big investment that we hope will last a long time. So what are the best ways to care for that grill and protect it so it DOES last as long – or longer – than we hope?

First off, ya gotta protect your grill from the elements. Naturally a cover for your grill is needed to protect it from the elements. Here are some tips in a forum discussion about choosing a good grill cover.

Secondly, learn how to clean your grill properly. Letting your grill get all nasty will not help it last.
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Grill Cover Looks Like a Crimson Tide Football Jersey

Pretty sweet!

Alabama Crimson Tide Grill Cover

Don’t just make yourself look like a Crimson Tide player on game day, make your grill look like one too. Show your Bama pride with this weatherproof grill cover and protect your expensive investment at the same time.

This cover really demands attention, don’t ya think?
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Black Grill Cover with Alabama Logo

Mr. Bar-B-Q, Inc. Alabama Grill Cover

With this grill/bbq cover Tide fans understand two images that are universal to the Crimson Tide nation.

First the words ROLL TIDE!! (don’t know what that means, read the about the traditions at U of A here)

Second is the image of the unmistakable Alabama elephant.

Who IS that elephant, you ask? Why that’s Al – Alabama’s mascot!

Show your team pride with this awesome grill cover.
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Alabama Grill Cover and Mat Set

Alabama Crimson Tide Logo Grill Cover and Mat Set

Do you love to grill? Do you want to protect your investments? Do you love to show your support for the University of Alabama Crimson Tide? Then I have the perfect grill cover and mat set for you! This U of A logo grill cover and mat set does all three.

Grill Cover and Grill Mat Set

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U of A Grill Cover

Alabama Grill Cover

The white script “A” against the Crimson Red background to me is the most beautiful letter in the alphabet. This Alabama Crimson Tide grill cover will leave nothing in doubt as to which team you will be cheering for on this gameday!!
Roll Tide Roll!!

Alabama Crimson Tide Economy Grill Cover

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University of Alabama BBQ Set

Flip your burgers in style with this Alabama Crimson Tide logo BBQ set. This four piece set is made of stainless steel. ROLL TIDE!!

Alabama Crimson Tide BBQ Set

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