Alabama Crimson Tide Reverse A Pal

University of Alabama Crimson Tide Reverse A Pal

alreverseapalDo you love the Crimson Tide? If so then show your Alabama Crimson Tide pride with a NCAA licensed reverse a pal.
This plush stuffed football “reverses” into the Alabama mascot. It is the size of a regulation football and has a zipper to transform into the Alabama elephant.
Also below is the Alabama Crimson Tide Study Buddy. Make homework more fun and support the Tide at the same time!
Roll Tide Roll!!!!

Alabama Crimson Tide Reverse-A-Pal Football to Team Mascot Doll

Alabama Reverse a Pal

Show your Crimson Tide support with a NCAA licensed Alabama reverse a pal.

I boast to be the biggest Alabama FootBall fan in the world. Now, in reality, when I see that stadium full of rabid fans like me, I know I may not be THE biggest fan, but I’m darn close…lol!

When I saw these Alabama Revers-a-Pals come out, I just knew my kids, my nieces, my nephews..heck, my CATS would all have one! And oddly, they knew it too. Heck, my wife went right to Amazon and ordered them since she knew I’d buy them anyway and she wanted to at least get them at the cheapest price possible and get no charge for the shipping.

University of Alabama Crimson Tide Reverse A Pal

The Alabama Reverse-a-Pal goes from being a stuffed plush football and transforms into Big Al.

Who is Big Al??? Surely you didn’t ask that! Big Al is the awesome elephant mascot for the University of Alabama. You can read Big Al’s full history here. Big Al has been with the school since 1930 and was created because of what some fan yelled out during an Ole Miss game.

“Hold Your Horses – the elephants are coming!!!”

Alabama Crimson Tide Study Buddy

Alabama Study Buddy

Make homework more fun with this Alabama Crimson Tide Study Buddy!! Do your homework and cheer on your Crimson Tide at the same time!

Alabama Crimson Tide Study Buddy

Reverse A Pals Commercial


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